Starting your new role with CLG


You have made it through the Recruitment Process and you are now officially a member of the CLG Team! Well done! We hope you are excited to start your new career journey with Career Locum Group!

Is this your first time working for an Agency? Have you taken a break in your employment and you are ready to start working again? Maybe you just wanted a new and exciting opportunity! Starting a new job is always daunting no matter how experienced you are. Therefore, we have listed some of our top tips below to help you settle into your new role and enjoy your experience with CLG!

Stay Positive

When starting your new job it is normal to feel a mix of different emotions, from excitement to uncertainty, as you step out of your comfort zone and adjust to a new routine! When adapting to your new environment, keep a positive attitude as the quicker you settle in, the more confident and relaxed you will start to feel.

Introduce Yourself

Use the first few weeks as your opportunity to get to know everyone! Whether it is your new work colleagues, management team, or people in your care, build a rapport with everyone and create a network of professional contacts!

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

No matter how much previous experience you have, you are always going to have questions when you start a new job! Don’t be afraid to ask for help, it is better to ask questions in the beginning when you are still settling in rather than later down the line! Taking notes is also a good idea as you can always refer back to them. 

We want you to enjoy your experience when working for CLG, so our team will always be here to help and support you as you settle in!

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