Myths surrounding Agency Work


You may have heard some stories about working with Recruitment Agencies over the years. However, are any of them true?

Keep reading as we address some of the most common myths regarding Recruitment Agencies!

Temporary staff are treated differently to permanent staff

There is no them and us! Recruitment agencies work hard to make sure that temporary workers are treated the same as permanent staff. You will have support from the healthcare provider you are working for, as well as having the ongoing support of your Recruitment Consultant.

I won’t get any choice about where I work

Actually, flexibility is one of the main benefits of working with a Recruitment Agency! It is entirely up to you what shifts you work and what location you want to work in. You can decide what schedule suits you.

It’s financially insecure

As you choose how many or as little shifts you want to work, you have the opportunity to earn as much as you want. Agency work can also have higher rates of pay than permanent work. At Career Locum Group, we offer an excellent pay-rate scale to our growing team of Registered Nurses, Healthcare Assistants and Support Workers.

It won’t look good on my CV

Agency Healthcare Assistants and Nurses require the same skills and qualifications as permanent staff. Agency workers also develop additional skills from working in several different environments, as they have to adapt to different procedures, systems and people. Therefore, this experience can give you a competitive edge.

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