Why are Care Homes important within the Healthcare Industry?


Nursing and residential care facilities provide a large variety of health and personal services for the aging population or people living with physical or mental conditions who require assistance. Often, these patients do not need around the clock hospital care but they do require assistance with aspects such as: medications, physical mobility, personal care and meal preparation.

These facilities are important as they help to provide a positive quality of life for people who are aging or have physical/mental conditions. Staff within these facilities furthermore provide support for individual’s needs, functionality and wellbeing. From social activities with other residents to 24-hours support from care staff, these facilities offer individuals a safe place to reside, relieve their symptoms and improve their quality of life.

The existence of care homes within the healthcare industry is crucial, particularly with Britain’s ageing population life expectancy growing. As of August 2022, there are around 17,100 care homes across the UK. Around 70% of care homes are residential settings, while nursing homes represent approximately 29% of the total number of care homes, according to (www.carehome.co.uk). Whilst these care settings offer accommodation and personal care, residents with higher needs require further assistance, which is why different types of care homes exist. This can include Convalescent care, Dementia care, Disability care & Palliative care.

Care homes help to strengthen the healthcare industry by providing specialised care to non-critical and critical residents and act as an emotional and physical support system to all residents.

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