The Role of a Support Worker:


Today we shine a spotlight on the contribution of support workers to the health and social care sector and patient care across the UK. Nursing Support Workers’ Day is an opportunity to celebrate the work they do and recognise their contribution. This year we will be marking the day by highlighting the variety of critical roles they play within nursing teams.

What is a support worker?

A support worker looks after the well-being of people in their daily lives. They help people who live with different physical disabilities and mental health needs to live their lives more independently and support them by providing both physical and emotional support. The role of a support worker is extremely varied as each person has unique needs.

What does a support worker do?

The daily role of a support worker differs and is dependent on the needs of the person they are supporting. This can include helping people to carry out their daily tasks to take care of themselves, teaching new skills, providing emotional support, and ensuring they are living a fulfilled life.

A support worker focuses on enabling and supporting people to live their lives as independently as they can. This can involve supporting people with a diverse range of needs, including learning disabilitiesautismphysical disabilitiesacquired brain injuries and mental health needs.

The role may include working in a variety of settings, including people’s own homes, in health and social care settings such as supported living services or care homes, and out in the community.

What are the responsibilities of a support worker?

  • Providing physical support which may include helping with household tasks and personal care.
  • Providing emotional support for an individual and their families.
  • Supporting and helping with health care needs, including routine checks or administrating medication.
  • Encouraging and supporting the development of personal skills through hobbies and interests.
  • Teaching life skills, such as shopping, using public transport and paying for bills.
  • Working with other healthcare professionals to ensure that all care needs meet the highest possible standards.

Why become a support worker?

Being a support worker can be a challenging but very rewarding job. It is a great role for those who enjoy varied work with lots of interaction with others. Making a positive difference to someone’s life and helping them become more independent can bring great feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction.

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