Meet the CLG Team – Megan


Let’s get to know Megan in our Compliance team in Aberdeen!

How long have you worked at CLG?

I started working for CLG in August 2022 as a Healthcare Assistant but started working in the Aberdeen office in January 2023.

What is a typical day at work?

When I get into the office in the morning, I like to get caught up on my emails so that I have everything ready to go when I start contacting applicants. After this, I will begin calling applicants and sending online documents to anyone who has successfully completed a pre-screen with our Recruitment Team.

At around 12, I tend to have whatever snacks I’ve brought with me for lunch, though more often than not, I’ll end up getting a soup and sandwich from the local bakery (as I have no impulse control!).

After lunch, I support the Recruitment Team with chasing documents that are required before Interview, any outstanding Online Training and further onboarding compliance.

I ensure that update compliance is also upheld with consistent checks. I’ll often spend the rest of my afternoon calling anyone I couldn’t reach in the morning and filling out any documents that need to be completed before sign-offs.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I love that there is something new every day, and that you never fully know what to expect. I really enjoy all of my little ‘admin-y’ tasks and chatting to candidates, and I love the buzz when a candidate that I have gotten to know well is signed off and ready to work. We all get on very well as an office unit so there is always good conversation and a great dynamic!

How did you get into recruitment?

I got into recruitment after being contacted by CLG regarding a compliance role! I initially started out as a Homecare Support Worker and was in this role for about two years. I then moved to CLG and started working as a Healthcare Assistant – Kirsty, my Recruitment Consultant, and I got on really well. When the Aberdeen office opened, she informed me that a position was available to work with her as a Compliance Officer. I jumped at the offer as I love trying new things and find it really interesting to see this mysterious other side of healthcare that I knew next to nothing about.

What do you enjoy to do in your downtime?

I am a student at the University of Aberdeen currently in my fourth year of a degree in English and Philosophy so I am always working away on my university assignments and my dissertation. I love music, I own and play several instruments (guitar, keyboard, ukulele, kalimba, ocarina and stylophone) – though none of them very well! I enjoy various crafts such as crocheting, knitting, earring-making, sewing and also playing video games.