Travelling Safely during Winter


As the colder weather creeps in, we understand the challenges that commuting during winter can pose. Below are some essential tips for travelling safely to work in winter weather conditions.

Check Weather and News Updates

Stay up to date about current weather conditions from local news and radio stations so you can plan your commute based on the latest information provided to avoid unexpected delays or potential hazards.

Allow Extra Time

Treacherous weather conditions can make your commute to work longer than usual as extra time is needed to be more cautious. Winter weather can lead to hazardous conditions or delays on roads or paths which may add extra time to your journey. Always plan extra time for your commute and if you believe you are unable to attend or going to be late for a shift, contact your Recruitment Consultant as soon as possible so we can inform the client immediately.

Maintain Your Vehicle

Ensure your vehicle is winter ready by checking the tyres, brakes and fluids regularly. It is recommended to keep an emergency kit in your car in case of a break down. This emergency kit could include items such as: a blanket, a flashlight, drinkable water, snacks and basic tools.

Drive cautiously

Adjust driving habits to suit winter conditions. Increase the distance between your car and the car in front and ensure to break gentler, as with icy roads or low visibility, it may take more distance to stop your vehicle.

Consider Public Transport

Local bus and train services may offer a safer route that will also allow you to avoid the stress of driving in winter. In some areas there are bus lanes which can help avoid traffic. If opting for public transport, keep an eye on updates from your local transport services as schedules may change and delays may arise.

Dress Appropriately

Remember to wear lots of layers during the cold weather to stay warm when travelling during winter. Wearing slip-resistant footwear is recommended in order to be able to walk safely on footpaths or other icy areas outside.

Travel with a Colleague

If colleagues live nearby, it might be best to commute to work together for extra support whilst travelling in winter conditions. It can be comforting having someone familiar there to help navigate slippery roads or paths or to help clear snow from the vehicle.

To find out more information on how to travel safely in winter please visit Winter driving advice | AA (

We hope these tips are useful to help you travel safely during dangerous weather conditions. Your well-being is our priority so we encourage you to follow these tips and also share them with your family and friends this winter. Stay safe and warm everyone!