The primary purpose of this check is to obtain information about your employment and/or training history to confirm your suitability for your preferred job role. Past employers have a duty to staff and former employees under the Data Protection Act to ensure that when providing personal data within a reference, that this information is true, accurate, fair and can be justified. The secondary purpose is to investigate any gaps in employment or training history.

Any decision to accept prospective candidates onto our register is made based on all information gathered as part of the wider range of checks required as part of the recruitment process.

Career Locum Group will assist you in completing and maintaining this check for the location in which you wish to work. The requirements for employment history and references are as follows:

Scotland & England

The CV you provide initially upon registration is to include a full employment history, covering a minimum of three years, explaining any gaps.

A minimum of two professional references will be required to register with the company, and we will work with you on an ongoing basis to obtain feedback from your assignments and request further references as and when you provide us with relevant details.

For Scotland, one of these references must relate to work carried out in the preceding six months within the care home environment, Thereafter, we will work with you on an ongoing basis to obtain feedback from your assignments.