Your confirmation

You will receive from us a written confirmation for each assignment agreed with the company. The confirmation will include the location of your assignment, reporting instructions and any other relevant information provided to us by the Client to their specific policies and procedures.

Before commencing your assignment, you should review your confirmation and contact us with any queries or concerns.

Reporting for duty

Reliability and punctuality are of prime importance; for handover and induction purposes, try to arrive early for an assignment and report to the person in charge.

If, in exceptional circumstances, you expect to be late for duty, you should inform us immediately so we can inform the Client. If you are unable to fulfill an assignment, our office needs as much notice as possible.

Your induction

You have an obligation to adhere to the Client’s policies and procedures including, but not limited, those relating to fire safety, medical devices, medicine safety, moving and handling, incident handling, infection control and health & safety. Upon registration, you will be provided with an induction checklist which you should take with you to your assignments and refer to when receiving induction information.