Terms of Business

The Terms under which you engage with CLG for your work dictates several things, including your employment relationship with us and your rate of pay. You are provided with relevant Terms upon registration, in accordance with your chosen method of engagement with us; should this change you must inform Finance as this can impact on your pay rate and the dates on which you are paid for your work.

Rates of Pay

Different pay rates apply to different assignments. Before commencing an assignment you will be informed both verbally and in writing, the rate of pay applicable to your assignment.

If for some reason, you are under/overpaid, funds owed will automatically be adjusted in your next payment.

Submission of Timesheets

Payment is made to staff only on submission of a timesheet, without exception. All information given must be accurate and timesheets must be completed in full and every shift must be authorised with an appropriate signature. You must also identify the position / band at which you worked.

Payroll takes place weekly, with all timesheets submitted by 12 noon on Monday paid to arrive by the following Monday.

Record of Payment & Statutory Deductions

A pay slip forwarded to your email address for each payment made to you, detailing any deductions.

The Company is required by law to deduct PAYE and Class 1 National Insurance Contributions (or equivalent) from its employees.  You may also be eligible for auto-enrollment onto the company’s pension scheme (which you can choose to opt out of if you so wish).

Please remember to advise your local office should you change your personal circumstances, e.g. change of address, email address or bank account.


Should you have any queries relating to your pay, please contact the Finance team at our Belfast office; alternatively you can email queries.